Welcome to Sarge's Military Surplus online store!

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Welcome to Sarge’s Military Surplus!

Like you, we are gun enthusiasts and would just as soon spend our time rooting around in old warehouses looking for military treasures, and that’s exactly what we’ve done!

We have literally scoured the world to amass a diverse collection of authentic military items, decommissioned machine guns, and other like weapons from World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, The Cold War, The recent Gulf Conflict, and all points in between. It breaks our heart to see these sitting in buildings collecting dust when they could be enjoyed by gun enthusiasts and also be preserved as historical significance in the process.

All of our guns are authentic and sold as parts kits (see disclaimers).  Many of our offered parts kits are very rare in the current marketplace. Many of our kits also have original, undrilled, prebanned barrels imported before the barrel ban in 2005. If you’re looking for a good investment in collectables, look no further, as these items will “dry up” in the marketplace, or otherwise become unavailable. We also specialize in hard to find and collectable ammo.

We plan to offer newly discovered collectables on a monthly basis as we unload trailers and containers.

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With years of research and collecting behind us, we have amassed a huge cache of incredible military hardware that is soon to be depleted due to it’s rare and diminishing availability. We proudly offer these items for you to collect and enjoy.

To find the best and provide the very best in collectables, weapons, part kits, ammo and service to our customers.

If you are looking for anything specific please let us know, maybe it’s burried in our treasures!

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