We know some people enjoy buying our gun kits to build dummy guns for their man caves, and there is nothing wrong with that! Any of our gun kits can be built into a fully functioning firearm and that’s what we like to see produced when all is said and done. During your kit build you might realize that you need expertise of a gunsmith to get the job finished.

Sadly, gunsmiths are becoming a dying breed. There are only a few real gunsmithing schools left in the country, so it can be a challenge to find someone capable of working on your kit build.

On certain kits the all the work can be completed by someone with a little know how. Other kits you may need outside expertise to complete the gun kit. Gunsithing might be intensive or minimal depending on the work needed. But, even those minimal tasks can be pretty important, particularly when it comes to the correct amount of torque applied to the barrel, head spacing the barrel or in certain cases fitting to the receiver.

A good gunsmith will know the right amount of torque to apply, too little or too much can be damaging. They will also know the right amount of metal to remove (if needed). Remove too much, and just like torque, the gun could be ruined and you will wind up with a damaged firearm that will not operate or may cause serious injury or death to yourself or others.

Furthermore, gunsmiths have all the proper gauges and tools that your kit build may need. These might be a bit too expensive of an investment if you are only looking to perform one or two builds.

If you need outside help to build your gun kit, we recommend researching the firearm/gun kit build in online forums. Many of our gun kits already have great forums dedicated to the final build and oftentimes you can read about successes and trouble shooting issues that these builders went through. If you read enough mishaps during the building process you will often find which professionals were called in to get the build back on track.

The users on these forums will often mention who did their work and will proudly post pictures of the end result. Some of the forums popular for research are Uzitalk.com, AR15.com, AK47.net, HKPro.com and FALFiles.com.

Some gunsmiths have contact information readily available or even dedicated sub forums of their own. It can be worthwhile to join these forums as certain gunsmiths may offer discounts to other members.

If you cannot seem to find a smith in these forums, the next step might be to web search gunsmiths in your local area, or at least within driving distance. This is often the best way to complete your build.

However, if you live out in the middle of nowhere, you may have to ship the gun kit and the receiver to a gunsmith in order to complete the work. This is where things can get complicated.

Most reputable gunsmiths will have an FFL (Federal Firearms License) so that they can send and receive firearms. It is perfectly legal to ship your kit and the receiver to one of these smiths in order to complete your build. However, if the gunsmith is providing the receiver, the finished firearm will need to be received by an FFL on your end and you will need to go through the 4473 transfer process.

Keep in mind, if the gunsmith is popular and the work is fairly complex, you may have to wait for a longer period of time than if you found someone in your local area.

If you need to get outside help or build the gun kit yourself, the satisfaction in the end result of building a functioning firearm from one of our gun kits and bringing a bit of history back to life is much more rewarding than building an dummy firearm to display in your man cave, den or library (no offense to those guys who do that)!