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Semi-automatic Rifle

The L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle is a gas operated, tilting breechblock, 7.62x51mm semi-automatic rifle. The L1A1 was designed in 1947-1953 by Dieudonn√© Saive and Ernest Vervier. The rifle had several variants depending in the country of origin it was manufactured in: Belgium, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.The Australian L1A1 is also known as the “self-loading rifle” (SLR), and in full-automatic form, the “automatic rifle” (AR). The Australian L1A1 features are almost identical to the British L1A1 version of FAL; however, the Australian L1A1 differs from its British counterpart in the design of the upper receiver lightening cuts. The lightening cuts of the Australian L1A1 most closely resembles the later Canadian C1 pattern, rather than the simplified and markedly unique British L1A1 cuts.

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