We here at Sarge’s have been asked many times, “What exactly is in your gun parts kits?” In answer to that question.

As military firearms became obsolete due to newer technologies, countries around the world had a
surplus of military guns. Many were destroyed. Others were sold off. It has been legal to import these surplus guns to the US prior to the 2005 barrel ban as long as the receiver, the serialized part of the gun that holds everything together, was destroyed per BATFE specifications. The 2005 barrel ban further destroyed the guns by requiring the barrel be drilled and now cut making the barrels also inoperable.

In effect, Sarge’s Military Surplus Gun Part Kits are decommissioned military weapons that include the dissembled gun parts with no receiver or a cut receiver. If the kit was imported before the 2005 barrel ban the kit may have a serviceable original undrilled, uncut barrel. Many of our kits fall into this category as they were imported before the ban. In the case of imports after 2005 a gun kit will be complete minus the receiver or with a cut receiver and with a drilled or cut barrel. We also have a number of these.

Some, reassemble these gun kits as historical, non-firing “Dummy” firearms for display. Others purchase a new remanufactured receiver. This is legal to do. The receiver must be purchased through a licensed dealer and registered. The new receiver will be modified from the original to permit only semi auto fire. In the case of a Gun Kit with a drilled barrel, a remanufactured barrel for some kits can be purchased. We have barrels for some gun kits, including the Aussie Fal that can be purchased separately.

There is quite a scarcity for these collectables, particularly with the pre banned barrels and anyone who has been in this for a while has recognized a worthwhile investment. We have a very limited numbers of these relics. When they are gone there will be no more to be had. This is not meant to be legal or inclusive advice. Before purchase, check with Federal, State and local laws.